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Used up UNCAPPED data

I have been off UNCAPPED wireless data at home for 2 months. Now that I have reconnected I get the message that I have used up the data within a week. What is going on here?

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Re: Used up UNCAPPED data

Maybe something connected to your Internet has been sucking the data?


Apple updates etc?

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Re: Used up UNCAPPED data

Maybe for one month yes. This month is hardly halfway and no one else uses our wifi except the parents for whatsapp. Sometimes I may watch a video or two on You tube. Still I get a message that its used up. Still not happy.

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Re: Used up UNCAPPED data

Hi @Redeemed,


Saw some issues this year re incorrect Telkom automated sms’s ... you might find it’s a system glitch. Try calling 10210 and confirm your reconnection was fully activated on your uncapped package and your usage on Telkom records matches the SMS messages.

You can also log in at https://secure.telkomsa.net/ to check / track / monitor your usage .


If usage actually does exceed your uncapped package FUP then you should change all your passwords - Telkom, router, wifi etc. to ensure your data isn’t being hacked.


Hope you manage to unravel it soon.

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