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VDSL Line Configuration Reset after Lightning Storm

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My adsl line seems to have an error.
Last night there was a lighting storm in my area, don't know if this was the course.
But my line went dead and when it came up the ADSL Signal was not working.
I tested the ADSL filter with a replacement.But still not working.
If I plug the phone line directly into the wall socket it should make a digital noise but it only gives a normal ring tone.


My logic tells me the ADSL signal is off and only the normal analog phone line is coming through.


I've logged a fault with Telkom but hopefully they can help me on CHAT support. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: VDSL Line Configuration Reset after Lightning Storm

Hi @Corra

Hope you came right.  We’re customers in the forum and Telkom won’t see your post here , but if you're still battling call 10210 ( early 8 am best) and have them check your adsl line.  If all looks fine their side they’ll help you to reset the router / reconnect.


If not, your router may have been damaged by a lightning power surge,  perhaps you could try testing on a borrowed router while you wait for a technician .


Hope this helps, please let us know what happens.

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Re: VDSL Line Configuration Reset after Lightning Storm

I finally got someone to give me a ETA on my fault.I reported it on 9 Oct , and only got my appointment 17 Oct. SO I have to wait 8 days for a fault that can be fixed remotely in 10 min.



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