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Hi I applied online for ADSL Line on the 5th September. I was told it would take +/- 2 weeks for a technician to come out and install as was informed Telkom would send me a SMS.I then called a week later to follow up and was provided with information saying it’s with the technical department and I should call back and provide the TIN number of ********** which I did. Still no luck. I then recalled again on Friday 22nd September and was informed I need to pay a deposit of R700 for the installation fee and was provided with a group no, system no, payment code & control code. I was informed once the payment is made to call back and provide Telkom with a TXN (09591) so that the payment can be logged to my order. I called Telkom again yesterday (26th September) to follow up on this and was informed that the system is offline and payment will only reflect later the afternoon and to please call back the next day (27th September). Today I called back and was just informed that my order was cancelled due to the install payment not going through within 7 days. Nobody told me this at all!!! Nobody bothered to make contact with me and give me any information. I have been calling and calling with no luck. This is very frustrating, had I know this I would not of paid the deposit. How long do I now have to wait to get my money back??? A service that I really wanted turned out to be something I’m no longer interested in.

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