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I dont know where to start actually. We are telkom clients and we never had such bad service before. We relocated to a new house on the beginning of this month. Knowing it takes 1 - 2 weeks to relocate your line we already applied for the option on the 18th of last month. We got confirmation on the 24th that the line wil be relocated on the 30th. all good and as we wished for, However on the 30th I spoke to the technician (I saw him in his vehicle and the telkom building is just across the road from my house) and he said he would come 2 days later as he is to busy on that day and the next day he wil be on a training course. I accepted it but he never showed. When we phoned the date was set out to the 6th. (FAULTY line was the reason) Dont know how he could log a faulty line as he never even was at my house. The next day I phoned as this is taking too long and then we heard it was logged for the 8th. We complained at telkom 10210 and they contacted a manager that would call us on the 9th and arange a next date. He never phoned and telkom phoned us on monday the 12th to say no one was home and they could not get hold of us. First of all Im home 24/7 as I work from home. Secondly my wifes work and my house is right across the building they work from. Now the date is postponed to the 15th. 

I work privately from home as a freelancer doing work for clients in USA Brittain Canada etc. I am losing litterally 1000s of rand every day I cannot connect and work. I currenlty work from my phone as a hotspot but I use a lot of data as I work with big files. This is very frustrating and unacceptable. And I am pretty sure come the 15th we wil get another postponement.....

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30GB with LTE router R349 per month

If you losing thousands spend some hundreds



Unca Paul

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Hi unca - yes that is an option but in my line of work I sent and receive huge files every day - up to 9 gb a day - that package is not going to work. I need uncapped. 😞

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