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Waiting 2 months for installation

Dear Telkom

I really would like to report my frustration with you service!


Applied for a landline + Unlimited Home DSL 4Mbps – order 232626413A on the 3r of April and I still don’t have what I asked or paid for.

I’ve been following up my order since the initial date and every time that I used to phone or even go to the shop where I had my application done, had a different excuse: sometimes they couldn’t find the order, or  they were still checking my records and so on. All these consultation use to come with an issue logged to be resolved in 48hrs followed for another one, in order to buy you guys more time.

So after innumerable calls I finally received a sms requesting for a deposit of R700.00 to be paid. The deposit was paid on the 1st of June, however, your accounts departments only could locate it on the 8th of June after a couple of desperate call from my side. Funny enough, when phoned sales they of course could locate yet, so I have insisted to the operator that she should speak to your accounts department and sort this internal issue out while I was holding on the line. She did and miraculous got an email from accounts confirming the payment and she also have assured me that I would receive and sms with my installation date in between Monday (11th ) and Tuesday (12yh). Guess what? Nothing happened. When I phoned them again to find out what happened I was informed that my service it hasn’t being logged, so she would log an as incident (one more - 3233838) in order to find out what was this internal issue and in 48hrs I would have my answer. I mean, 48hs more, today is the 12th of June almost med week, so there goes another week. I really don’t want know what issue is that. I just want to have the service that I asked and paid for. What can I do to be able to receive my installation date? What?


Seriously Telkom, this is disgusting and unacceptable.



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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hi. I had the same delay for a month. Though i did not pay a deposit. I am sure you are only supposed to pay once you do have the service and the modem. So technically you are only supposed to pay after you have it installed. I cancelled my order after a month since they struggled to get me activated on the underground exchange hub. probably due to the previous house owner having a phone or ADSL which was then deactivated. 

anyway  cancel the order because you do not have the service or the modem and ask them for your money back.

then use a different service provider who will then deal with Telkom to have your line activated

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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hi @mariacarolina


Sorry to read your post - yes it's extremely frustrating when Telkom systems don’t communicate reliable info between their service depts. (We’re customers in the forum,  unfortunately can’t help much re service).


We had similar issues with an upgrade last year - awful when they promise installation is imminent then you’re left in the dark, especially when you’ve paid a deposit and/or you might have no other internet option.


If you still haven’t heard anything, email your details with the order number, all refs, dates, & a copy of your payment to   support@telkom.co.za ., and message the same to a Telkom social media team - they’re good for escalation, quick response and decent feedback.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Good luck, hope they turn up soon - please let us know what happens.

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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hi @Kathy1


Thank you so much for your help and response. I really appreciate that.


I have sent an email to  support@telkom.co.za on Monday the 11th of June, but havent received any feedback so far. Also, have poured their social media my complaints. No success so far. 

As I have paid the deposit and reconfirmed the receipt with their accounts departments several times, yesterday I phoned sales again to follow up on this and guess what?

They said that they received the payment, however it is stuck with the VAT department. VAT department? I mean, really? At the same time phoned accounts and I threw my toys at them (at this stage, after more than 2 months is extremely hard to keep it diplomatic). Spoke to the supervisor and he confirmed that they still needed to do something in their side in order to allocate the money to my order, and then sales would be able to liaise with technical depart to escalate the technician to do the installation. Even after begging to do not log any new problem, because I wouldn’t give them another 48h of my life, they agreed and I received the sms instantanely with the problem logged. Can you believe it?

Now, I really don’t know what else can I do to have my problem sorted. Got this supervisors email address jamasc@telkom. co.za, but not sure how would that help me either. 


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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hello @mariacarolina


You’re very welcome, just wish we could help - know how it feels.  We had similar issues last year - no other internet options in our area and the worst was no  progress feedback from Telkom.


 We needed infinite patience & diplomacy like you - kept hammering the support channels with detailed emails for escalation. It worked for us,  now happy we stuck it out - great connection with zero issues  for + 8 months since installation.


Apart from the weird  ‘VAT systems’ issue , lack of infrastructure could be causing your delay.  Even if there’s an existing conduit to your home it could be an old faulty line ( which you wouldn’t want anyway), or even an underground cable needs replaced.  


Might be worth enquiring if a different internet option is available sooner at your address ( perhaps FLLA?) - coverage map here:-



Meanwhile,  if there’s no alternative just keep doing what you’re doing - email support@telkom.co.za , copy the supervisor & message the same to a Telkom media support . 


Hope you get positive feedback soon.

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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hi @Kathy1


Just to let you know that I still havent received any solution. After a thousand of messages on their social media, I received a message on Facebook telling me that my issue has been allocated and I must wait. I'm tired of wait.

Besides, I have followed up by phone yesterday and they gave another excuse. Everyday is a different story. i'm exhausted.

Not sure if going to the store where I applied for myr order would help either.

Could it be more disappointing?


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Re: Waiting 2 months for installation

Hi @mariacarolina


So sorry to see you’re still battling , such a long wait for installation.  


Telkom call centres & store consultants apparently have very limited influence on new installations ETA. I know it’s awful being stuck between a rock & a hard place with no alternative internet connection available, but from what I’ve seen in the forum you have a far better chance of speeding things up by tenaciously resending urgent enquiries in writing to Telkom media teams & their email support - keep including all your details , refs , dates & copy payment . 


Hope they tell you what’s happening soon. 

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