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Week-end Emails

I have a very strange problem. On Sundays till Monday midday I do not receive emails. I have tested it with friends/family and even emailed myself.  Sending emails works 100%. People that sending me emails do not get any error messages. This has been going on for a year now. I have logged various complaints via various methods i.e social media etc, nothing gets done. I have tested this via the wbmail interface , my phone etc and from various places. Stupid reply I get from Telkom if there is no error message then they can't fix it and there is nothing wrong.


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Re: Week-end Emails

This sounds like a delete from server setting in one of your devices that checks for email.
Look at the POP or IMAP settings on all the devices and look to see if you have any of them set to delete from server after say 7 days.

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Posts: 47

Re: Week-end Emails

Nothing connected and only my laptop is set for Telkom emails and that was disconnected.  Why does it then only delete Sunday and Mondays morning emails. This done and verified on a friends or family computer from various areas and only logging in on Telkom's webserver i.e Webmail.

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