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What is your ideal broadband speed?

Internet speed has improved drastically over time from the humble dialup to super fast Fibre To The Home connections.


What is your ideal speed to suit your lifestyle?

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

I currently have a 40mb VDSL line for the last 4 months, but I would love to have a Fiber line.

Was limited to a 4mb line for almost a year and a half, so beggers cannot be choosers Smiley Tongue

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

Currently on 10mb which i think should be the minimum for everyone in South Africa.


My line is capable of doing more as per the router stats but not sure if the exchange will support 20mb. 


My 10mb syncs on ADSL2+ and have never dropped since I upgraded.


Next step is 20mb! 40mb is probably only available on VDSL right?



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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

4Mbps should be standard in urban areas. Depends on how many devices you have on your household too. A family with 4 probably have the following at least:


  • 4 cellphones
  • 2 laptops
  • 1 Smart TV
  • 1 tablet


I would guess 4 devices would be using the Wi-Fi simultaneously. Would 4mb be enough here?

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

I have LTE - and it is good enough. Have done some speed tests and generally get between 12mbps and 24mbps.
We have 4 smartphones, 3 tablets, the wireless printer and 2 computers linked up most of the time.
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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

Hey there DonCorleone 


we are a family of 3 in my house and we are currently using 3 smartphones , one computer , two smart tv's and a Tablet on my wifi! i have 2mbps adsl and i have never had any problems with slow speeds becuase of too many devices using the bandwith i can do my gaming perfectly and social media without long loads Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

Curreny on 2Mb, maximum in our area. We are very close to Ontedekkers road in Roodepoort. Te northen side has 2Mb and the southern side has 4-10Mbps

Anyway our avergae speed test was 1.5-1.8 Mbps. But lately after the major outage of September/October we veen having a much better average of 1.8-2.3Mbps which is great


Ideally 4Mbps steady line would be great as workign form home occaisionally doing remote support, 1.5 Mbps is not good for that.


We can only hope that fibre or some alternative will come closer to home as mobile is just a bit expensive and the long term contracts not feasible

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?



This is tricky because i have heard stories that with lower speeds you are always trying to get as much data used as possible but as your speeds increase tenfold, your download habits start to decrease Smiley LOL.


Realistically, i would love to have a 1Gbps up/down line. It will mean the following:


*Host websites for myself, clients & even get a community forum going for keeping in contact like a neighbourhood watch.

*Similar to above, have FHD CCTV Cameras put up, every detail matters eh Man Wink.

*Store all our photos and videos in the cloud. Makes format and reloading so much better.

*Who doesn't want to see a 100MB file finish in a near blink of an eye...

*Get rid of these satellite dishes taking space and move over to streaming in SD/HD/4k possibly if available in S.A.

**Others can share what they would do if given these speeds.


Switching back to what we have, it does everything so far but i hear a possible bump in speed is nearing... . 10Mbps shared between 2-4 people.


2x Smartphones

1x Laptop

1x Desktop

4x Gaming Consoles [WiiU, PS3/4 & X1]

No Smart TV Smiley LOL


Telkom Internet Softcap 50GB BlackFriday [2014] Special @R899.00 inclusive of all costs.

Rollover data @R165.00 / 150GB


Average usage last few months is around 800-900GB* thanks to Night Surfer. Robot wink


*Data average shown for reference and not mean't to cause a stir Man Happy

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

I'd be happy for 10mb! I'm 3km from the exchange. Which bursts my bubble.

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Re: What is your ideal broadband speed?

How are you finding the VDSL? I placed my order this week - I CANNOT WAIT Smiley Happy 

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