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Wi-Fi Problems

Hi all, could someone please help me out here I`ve had wi-fi for a week now but i am unable to use it my router is pugged into the wall and all ouer devices are conecting to the wi-fi but once connected I`m unable to access anything to do with connection. o and P.S. should i connect the telephone to the router splitter for the wifi to work? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Re: Wi-Fi Problems

@Dassie no you do not need to plug in a telephone for Wifi to work.


  • Depending on what router you have, look for an internet light, usually green (if red, could be your username or password)
  • try connecting to the router using the LAN cable. This will show if it is in fact the Wifi, or the routers internet connection or lack there of.
  • Log onto your router (usually something like or 192.168.x.x) and check if it says Connected and has a WAN IP address (eg. 105.x.x.x ). If not, you need to check your user details on the router setup.
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