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Worst ISP?

I have had an issue with telkom from november 2017 where my line sync is all over the show and my latency will just spike to 3000+ . I have logged multi tickets and been told that it will be attended to . but since telkom does not care for their customers , I'm still sitting with constant disconnects and poor line speeds . I just want my 4mb line to work as intended . why does it take four **bleep** months ? I am at the point where I'm just going to switch to afrihost and have them fight my battles for me. I honestly am at the point of giving up . I am thoroughly frustrated .
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Re: Worst ISP?

Terrible service from Telkom, the only thing I hear from them is this issue is with a technician and we will escalate this issue, it's like a joke eveytime I hear that.
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