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**bleep**ing Useless

Two months ago I was contacted by Telkom and they pitched their Fibre service, unfortunately I opted for this. Biggest mistake of my life. The last few weeks have involved me wasting valuable time getting irratated with ill-trained, call center staff who lack common sense, fighting to get a service they sold me activated after they installed the router and delivered my promised wifi extender and lit box to the incorrect address, this has since been returned to Telkom and they're apparently out of stock now. If someone from Telkom ever reads this, I have a question because your call center staff are too **bleep**ing stupid to answer me, what is your employment criteria for employing call center staff to provide "customer service"? Do you go for lowest IQ candidates as a strategy? not a rhetorical question btw, i won't hold my breath for your answer either becuase I'd go blue in the face and **bleep**ing die. 


I'm canceling my service with Telkom you need to collect the modem you brought here, alternatively I'm tossing it into the garbage where all products associated to you pathetic organisation belong.


Go and get **bleep**ED!!! bye now

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