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data disappearing but no one's home!

We are overseas and have been for 3 weeks, there's no one at home and the place is locked up. Not even the lights are on. 

And yet the daily data consumption reports from Telkom are showing that in the past three days, my data consumption has gone from 35% on Friday, to 78% on Saturday (yesterday), and to 100% today.

All gone. Fully used up. Zippo left.

And yet here's no one in the house to be using the data, and no one but me knows the password.

How can this be??

Can more be stolen once the cap is reached??  (ie. with Telkom charging me at some exorbitant rate per MB)

And importantly, is there a way I can change that password right now, remotely from my laptop, online?

Please, can anyone help??

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