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fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2

Hi, I'm hoping someone on this forum can assist or point me in the right direction


Got fibre last week friday, tested it and it was running at 22 down and 2 up with 2ms pings to google, a few hours later I noticed a drop in speed, tested it again, now it's running just above 4 down and 2 up with ping of 161ms constantly


I've spoken to telkom on their live chat and they refered me to vumatel, spoke to vumatel who refered me to telkom


the one strange thing is though, if I reset the fibre box, with a constant ping, the ping drops to 2ms for a few seconds and then it's back to 161ms


this looks like a setting on the isp side but I'm not getting any joy out of telkom


any advice would be appreciated

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Re: fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2

Hi @sarelb


We had a similar issue after fibre installation & upgrade to Telkom Home Unlimited. Takes a few days for their system to update your contract / devices etc.  

and your password/username may have changed.


Try calling 10210 ( early 8 am best) with your TIN number and ask them to verify your new contract details and do a port reset, takes a few minutes - that worked for us. 


Good luck , hope this helps - please keep us posted .

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Re: fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2

thanks for the reply, maybe the next will help someone out there


if you cancel your adsl and get fibre from vumatel with telkom as isp, it's not an upgrade and they will charge you a cancellation fee for the adsl(copper)


The TIN that I had was for a 4 mbps line, so somewhere they used my adsl TIN(4mbps) and deleted my fibre TIN(20mbps), I tried sorting this out and was sent all over the show with no success


the invoice I got was for line installation, router and activation where it clearly states on the website that it's free with a 12 month contract  at R806.10

I spent the whole of last week trying to sort this out with no success and am moving over to afrihost


I'm trying to cancel my service now with telkom and after eventually getting to billing after 25 minutes, they informed me I should cancel on mytelkom. You need to link your account to your profile, this doesn't work as the system wants a account number and also a landline number to link and fibre doesn't have a landline number

I've got this email servcancellation@telkom.co.za and will try that route now as the billing lady said I should cancel with vumatel


I think there's a lot of confusion within telkom regarding the vuma/telkom fibre deals and am glad I soon don't have to put up with this anymore







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Re: fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2



You're welcome & thanks for posting back. The website deal does seem misleading re costs  … ‘adsl cancellation’ charges probably appear in the ‘small print’ terms presuming this was your deal  :-


Vumatel Fibre Internet Package option

  • Uncapped internet
  • Up to 20Mbps Download Speed
  • Up to 2Mbps Fibre upload speed
  • 12 Month Contract: Modem, Connection & Installation included
  • Month-to-month Customer pays for the Modem (R+/- R1300), Connection Fee (R999) & Installation (R1725)


Sorry to say,  but have to let you know Telkom contract cancellation can be a v. difficult process (& costly, unless on month-to-month ).  Even more frustrating when you can’t login to the customer portal, but mailbox  servcancellation@telkom.co.za has been defunct for months.


Not sure how Vumatel support responded to you but I’ve seen their area managers assist others in similar circumstances . Might be worth a try ? 


Otherwise, no joy from Telkom call centres so a detailed complaint / cancellation request with your TIN numbers  & refs addressed to a Telkom media support team might be your next best option for decent feedback & results :-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email the same to support@telkom.co.za 


Good luck either way - hope this helps a bit .

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Re: fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2

Hi. Did you ever get this sorted out with the costs? I have the same problem now and have logged 15 calls aready and they still charge me even if i have the 12 month contract.

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Re: fibre is suppose to be a 20/2 but running at 4/2

Hi @Madmax565

We’re customers in the forum,  sorry can’t help much - only Telkom can attend service issues .

Hopefully @sarelb is still here to post back re his outcome. 


Probably futile to log more calls with Telkom call centres so rather private message a detailed complaint to a Telkom media team ( below) with your previous logged refs and a copy of the last statement reflecting disputed charges  . Also email it to support@telkom.co.za .

They need to log a formal accounts dispute then any credit due would reflect on your next bill - after the formal dispute is resolved & finalised.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza 


Hope this helps and Vumatel/Telkom terms can be properly clarified.

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