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i have never had any issues my telkom line is stable and it is supa-quick

installed night hawk router ,absolutley awesome, i am running 4 laptops , 2 x smart tv , 2 x roku , 1x mxq pro 4k,2x ps 4 pro with vr,2x integra cinema dsp,2xblu ray 3x tablets and full home automation and my internet connection is stable  and supa-fast ,buy a proper router,check your settings on your device , customize your router settings or add a tp link, b link , or D link router, remember that your downloads can be slow because the source may have older servers or there servers can be slow or stop using chrome to download and use a better browser that is faster ,also u need to choose the right downloader , if u are downloading incognito your downloads will be slower and your adblock could be affecting your download speed,check your anti-virus and GET RID of any application or program u have installed that speeds up your device,check that u dont programs running in the background go to task manager and close these down. I work in cyber security so i will never give **bleep** advice , these guys that  want u to phone them if u have problem to give the same advice as above are a joke DO NOT contact any strangers who are offering advice on landline , let them mail u the so called fixes .

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