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internet is so slow

hello guys 

, for the past 2 days now my internet has suddenly dropped to an ubarable slow rate, it takes up to 5 minutes just for google to load, ive called telkom a dozen times and they keep tellling me everythings fine and just resatr my modem, im using the uncapped 4mbps

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Re: internet is so slow

@hassan1 sounds to me like you have been throttled. On an uncapped account there is a FUP (Fair Usage Policy). There is no set threshold, so on a 2mb line it is roughly 100 - 120Gb in a month before being throttled. Once you exceed this they throttle your speed down.


Maybe tried a capped account. Telkom internet has  a double data promotion on, so a 50Gb account is actually a 100Gb. With capped you get Nightsurfer, so schedule your downloading between 24:00 - 07:00 and this does not add onto your 100Gb cap

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