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no ADSL coverage in my area

So im an old customer of telkom. I used to have a landline which was cancelled.

I applied for the ADSL 4 meg uncapped special and was told that there is no coverage in my area which is not true. more than 50% of people in my street use ADSL. So i asked them to please send a tech to have a look and was told that they cannot send a tech to have a look as there needs to be a service number or an order for them to send a tech


Now as far as i understand, the 4meg uncapped special includes a line rental. so why cant they send a tech to install a line for me since this is part of the package. even if i did not want ADSL and just needed a line, where they going to tell me that "there is no line coverage in my area"? My old phone still has a dial tone so how is it possible that my area is not covered and both my neighbours have adsl?


Can someone please make me understand how telkom works. I have spoken to Sales and Tech department and they keep sending me back and forth.

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Re: no ADSL coverage in my area

Most probably they don't have an available port for you in their MSAN box.

They need to upgrade the equipment feeding your area since demand for Internet now exceeds the supply it seems.

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