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poor service

Spoke to an agent this mrning named xolile. Asked her a few questions regarding my data package. She replied with just "i dont know" when i asked to speak to the manager she said he will also not know , i asked to speak to him anyway n she said he is not in but i must call bk if i want ro speak to him n cut the call.... Very poor service... Telkom customer service is a joke...
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Re: poor service

Hi @schonnelle


Sorry to hear this - awful frustration when call centre agents don’t help. Unfortunately the community can’t really help as we’re Telkom customers like you,  but you could view your Telkom package details on their customer portal here :- 



 If that doesn’t help post a query to Telkom social media- their support teams respond quickly with decent feedback:-


Hope this helps.

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Re: poor service

Their support teams do nothing but post a pathetic 'we are sorry for your inconvenience' and then merrily resume continuing to cause you inconvenience by not attending to your issue.

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