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slow ADSL upload speed

good day 



i have just signed up for a 10 meg line 

download 4.5

upload .6

is this correct 

or should i change my service provider 


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Re: slow ADSL upload speed

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Hi @waja786 and welcome to the Telkom Community forum Smiley Happy ,


Definitely not on 10/1Mbps. If you just signed up, it may take upto 48hrs if not a little longer. O_o.


Can you give us more info here, ISP package and also if you can paste your router stats here :-) ?


**Only read if you not sure how to get router stats**


On Windows, go to start >> Run >> type CMD >> type ipconfig then note the default gateway IP.

Once you have that, head to your browser and enter the numbers from before followed by 

Username: admin

Password: password [Note: all must be in lowercase letters]

These are default login cridentials so may have changed if you get an error.

Look for a tab that will display info such as your linespeed etc. Man Happy 


** Still not sure in getting it, just shout with router make and model and we will assist.




Being about a kilometer from the exchange certainly helps. 



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Re: slow ADSL upload speed

how can I do that on OSX 10.7.5?


Is there a way to increase upload speed?



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