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slow internet , internet line unstable

Good day


Can someone give me some advice please . My line was changed from a adsl to vdsl (20mb ) .I went out and brought a new vdsl router after calling telkom (who does not care by the way) the unfriendly person on the other end of the line said my vdsl line will syn at 16mb not 20mb .I told the lady (who did not know anything about IT i am not sure how she got the job there ) my adsl line was syn at 20780kbps so how is that possbile. Anyways after swearing telkom i gave up and left it on adsl so i am waiting for the tech to come out and see what wrong with it ,it been a week and no answer .A guy at telkom told me that it takes 48-72 hours max to get a answer back from telkom.



my  question is on a 20mb line vdsl what max speed should i get because after reading on google and getting info from friends i should of got 20480kpbs and 2 mb upstream .this is what i am currently getting.





on adsl2



1020 kbps 


please any advice will be handly. 


thank you 

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