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slow internet

Good day


I need some advice please on my problem because telkom tech deparment dont know anything about internet and IT to be honest telkom employees  just come  to  work just to eat and get paid at the end of the month , they dont care about service delivery or helping us out .We need other options in south africa.Telkom thinks we are fools.


okay now for the problem.Last week by adsl line was upgraded to vdsl finally after months. according to telkom my vdsl line was syncing at the corrent speed of 16mb and that the max ( adsl line is syncing at the full speed ) i spoke to a few people over the phone and they told me a 16mb vdsl is the same or equal to a 20mb adsl ( which is lies) after  reading up on google vdsl speed are faster than adsl so i ask telkom why my adsl is faster than my vdsl.The "so called it tech told me straight i must leave it on adsl and cut the call .Telkom is mis adveristing and need to be charged. i got a fault logged last week for this problem and once again telkom told me it will take 72 hours to sort out and i will get a sms with info well it been a week now and nothing ,nothing is done or fixed .when it comes to telkom payment it comes get paid quickly or we will get cut off so why the heck dont they sort out problems out quickly.



okay so my router stats 

vdsl2 on my new router

16773kbps download

1223kbps upload



20780kbps download

1012 upload


please if anyone can help me out please maybe it the router or there is something i can sort out myself. i cant wait for telkom any longer . Please please dont trust telkom they lie alot and treat you like dirt .i know where my ex. is maybe i can go fix it myself





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