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slow streaming



i need help please


i have a 10mbps line with 10 mbs uncapped line


when i sream my speeds drop drastically and buffersall the time


even with showmax



1 have an adroid box that is connected to wireless with an enhancer i connected the box with etenet cable still slow streamin


any help will be highly appreciated


i an using a dlink modem

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Re: slow streaming

@khanaran123, what result do you get when you do a speedtest - http://openserve.co.za/open/speed-test/


Also, try disconnect any other devices and then test streaming via the service's website rather than the Android box. Do you also get buffering? Also try YouTube to compare.

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Re: slow streaming


Thank you for the advice

They recreated the ports so its working come

With open serve getting between 8.5 to 9 Mbps. Sumtime it drops down to
between 1.9 to 3

On the android box getting similar speeds

Have an uncapped 10mbps line
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Re: slow streaming

I have the same line (uncapped 10mb line] but if I get 2mb I am lucky. My internet access is also very poor - cannot get on to the Telkom website either [I wish to check my area's coverage for fibre in Wonderboom, Pretoria, but it's been prpomosed since December 2016, but that'ts where it stays].


We had a technician fixing a fault on my line yesterday, bit it has not improved the situation. My WiFi keeps dropping and is very intermitent.


Should I switch service providers?



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Re: slow streaming

@carlos_4354, i wouldnt jump the gun yet. There are a few interesting points in your post. For one, you mention that your Wifi is intermittant. This has no bearing on your ADSL, as that is the wireless signal between your router and device (PC or phone). If I was you, I would take and end to end look at everything before making a decision.


  1. Check with your ISP that you also have a 10Mbps Uncapped user account that matches the speed of your 10Mbps ADSL Line.
  2. Follow the speed test instructions and do a thorough test at different times of the day using Openserve's Speed test site - http://openserve.co.za/open/speed-test/
  3. When doing the speed tests, make sure you have just 1 device connected.
  4. Instead of using Wifi, connect your lapton to the router via LAN cable.
  5. Check your Wifi signal by downloading a WiFi analyzer App for your smart phone. You might be interferring with your neighbours Wifi router. In that case, log into the router ( and change the Wifi channel to a free channel.
  6. check all devices for Viruses.
  7. check that no device is Uploading (E.g. syncing photos to Google Photos, uploading video to YouTube, Sharing content on a Peer 2 Peer app like uTorrent etc.....). If you uplink is maxed out, your download doesnt work so well.
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