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tmepary line speed upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade my ADSL line speed just for two month and then return to the lower line speed for th rest of the two year contract?

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Re: tmepary line speed upgrade

Hi @kobusb,


A temp trial might be possible if you’re already  on month to month - but I doubt on an existing contract.


If you do decide on speed upgrade you should check what Telkom says your maximum supported line speed is. Fortunately this can be done instantly, online, by using the ADSL Checker tool on the Telkom website. 


This  will immediately let you know if you should get your hopes up for a faster line. It checks Telkom’s systems for whether or not your phone line and area support speeds higher than 4Mbps or 10Mbps. If you’ve heard of Telkom rolling out 10, 20, or 40Mbps lines in your area, this will let you know if you will be able to upgrade to one of those.


If Telkom’s site says the maximum speed in your area is higher than your current line speed, you could potentially upgrade to a faster line. However, just because Telkom says your area supports 10Mbps, and your line is only 4Mbps, doesn’t necessarily mean your line will support 10Mbps. Your ADSL line, a piece of copper that runs from your house to Telkom’s equipment, has certain properties and one of those is its attenuation – or the reduction of its signal strength, as it gets longer.


Hope this helps.

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