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Re: upgrading line speeds very important!!!!!!!!

@NC Thank you . @Haiku_za we all just want to help. 

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Re: upgrading line speeds very important!!!!!!!!



I'm having that same problem.  Upgraded from 2mb to 4mb.

Used to get around 1.6 on my 2mb line, now sitting at about 2.2 consistently on the 4mb line.

Telkom guy came out today with his modem and got about 3.6

I updated the firmware on my D-Link DSL-2750U modem, it is definitely capable of at least 4mb.

The Downstream Line Rate shows up as 4090kbps.


I also called Telkom and they confirmed that both the line and my uncapped data account are showing 4mb, but I'm still only able to get 2mb.  


I basically have the exact same issue as this guy below (see link), but Telkom says my uncapped data account is on a 4mb speed




At wits end, have reset my modem and internet account, refreshed ports, etc. and still nothing better than 2.2

It starts of at around 3 and then just dies afterwards

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Re: upgrading line speeds very important!!!!!!!!



I have s 4mbp line and want to upgrade to 8mbp but they tell me can't.  What is the reason for it?

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