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very poor service - ADSL Line speed upgrade

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I am trying to upgrade my ADSL line speed from 4Mbs to 10 Mbs. 
Started the process at the 5 November and still no result. During this period, Telkom staff created for me five orders (4 delivered and one pending ). Looks like it away to achieve KPA's inside of the company, not give service to clients.

Just if some from Telkom is interested
"delivered" without results orders are:
pending order:
Have done multiple calls to 10213 number, get promises that order will be done in the next 48, 72, ... (pick your favourite number) Hours.

My case was at least twice escalated - no result.

Highly unprofessional and very disappointing.


Update - 13 Jan 2020


It took Telkom five orders, few escalations with "back office", multiple calls and two months to deliver a requested upgrade.

Good luck and Happy 2020!2



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Re: very poor service - ADSL Line speed upgrade

Did you try unplugging your router from the power, waiting one minute and then plugging it back in?

Also from what I remember it takes two steps with Telkom. First to upgrade your account and they have to send the new profile to your router upping your speed.

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Re: very poor service - ADSL Line speed upgrade

Hi @hongkongpom ,


Thank you very much for your suggestionsSmiley Happy

Just a couple comments:

1. For the last few weeks, Escom makes sure that my router is unplugged at least for 2 hours dailySmiley Happy

2. I assume my speed could not be greater than 4MBs if Telkom consultant on the phone (10213) is telling me that my speed is still 4MBs.

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