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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Community is peer 2 peer

Hi Everyone


Our Community was launched as a peer 2 peer support channel. What does that mean? 


It means that this forum is for customers to help each other with issues using your collective "crowdsourced" knowledge and experience.


Telkom DOES NOT man this forum with Service Agents, so please do not report your service issues here expecting an agent to attend to it. Also, this platform is not a complaints channel. Rather, it is a constructive and helpful place where your peers can offer advise and help each other.


Some pointers:

  1. First use the Search function before posting a new topic.
  2. Post in the most relevant board to your question.
  3. Do not latch onto another conversation with your new problem. You will be hi-jacking another members thread and cause the conversation to deviate from the original topic.
  4. Be friendly
  5. Help others
  6. Give credit where credit is due (Give Kudos and Mark answers as Solutions)



Community Team


New Member
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Re: Community is peer 2 peer

Dear Community Manager,


Thank you for your explanation, but you do not offer a solution to something you clearly know enough about. How do we submit official complaints? What is the turnaround times that we can expect to ensure that we also manage our expectations?


Disappointed Customer,

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Re: Community is peer 2 peer

good morning 


i have a big problem with telkom mobile took them to ncc n clientel legal 

kindly see attached documents i you guys have deducted the R1695.00 and my services are been has been interrupted and now i cant use my phone i called your call center spoke to nelly who informed me that for my services to be sorted i need to pay another R1500 i spoke to a few people here at work that are also using telkom my conclusion is it seem as this is racially motivated as the people i spoke to are Caucasian and get better service and no drama just cos im African your company is taking advantage of that im going to take ths further as per my contract is r550 not more you need to send me an explanation in writing why is my contract treated different than other people?
i think i should go to my bank and block telkom from accessing even that R550 cos im not getting the service that i signed up for.
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