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What the Community is and is not.

Welcome to Telkom's new Community.


We anticipated a lot of complaints to come our way, almost like running out onto a paintball field. I thought that it would be good to explain what the Community is for, and then to say what it is not for.


What is the Community for?

  • This is a Peer 2 Peer support forum (no, not to discuss illegal downloading), and is a place where our members can come and discuss common problems, Telkom products, last nights football game etc....
  • It is a place to look for answers to technical problems
  • It is a place to help others


What is the Community not for?

  • It is not a complaints channel. We want everyone to be constructive and positive in here. Everyone is here to help, so let's keep it fun.
  • It is not another Telkom Service channel. We do not man this channel as another service channel and will not be answering your service related queries her. For that we have service channels - How To Get Help

Let's keep it fun, interactive and constructive!



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