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1 Telkom Connect wifi

Hello everybody,


Firstly, I apologies for posting this as I am sure it has been posted a few times, I apologies for posting it in the wrong category too.


I am honestly fed up with the new way to authenticate myself whenever I try to connect to 1 Telkom Connect. I have a Freeme Family contract with 4 sim cards and receive 40GB of wifi data across all the sim cards.

3 of the sim cards in their respective devices all Apple devices, for some reason unknown to me and to the Telkom call centre, refuse to connect to the networks.


Everytime I try to connect to the network via my iPhone 6s, I have to enter my Username and Password, it errors out saying m

the password an username are incorrect. I have reset the password countless times, followed instructions on EAP-PEAP method, I have downloaded the required certificate somewhere in this forum, installed it on the iPhone including my laptop but I never win, everytime my password and username are incorrect.


I can connect to Telkom Guest but I am a customer, with 40GB, which I would like to use and it's very frustrating that I can't.


I have tried using an android device, but the same thing occurs.


I have called the call centre, walked into a telkom store, and no one knows what/where the problem is.


Has anyone experienced this? Is there any solutions available? Can I log a ticket somehow with the Telkom wifi/IT department to help me figure this out?

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Re: 1 Telkom Connect wifi

I have the same issues on my iPhone. Any update on this?

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