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I togther with a load of unhappyt telkom customers will be joining a survey to ensure the relevant service consultants are hacked and competent staff are replaced . I refer to my enquiry (reference number in subject)and conclude that Telkom has closed the enquiry and said resolved but to date I have an Inactive account which I am paying for and operate a home business with.


I am disgusted at the service delivery of telkom and with their so called trained staff at their call centre. I want feedback from the CEO as to how he intends to resolve this issue, remember if we join forces with other network providers Telkom stands to loose alot of business. I called in last week  received a reference number 569434204 and the consultant advised that they have escalated to the IT technician to resolve, but closed this enquiry, called again and was assured by a KAGISO - who deserves to be fired for not being trained enough to click enquiry resolved and yet again I called today to speak to a supervisor after being given a new reference number and I get the called slammed on me asking me thereafter to rate the service I received. 




My outlook acc- outgoing server is not able to send emails even from their do messaging login site - and as frustrating as it has been to deal with Telkom for support its actually reached a point where Ive decided conclude my agreement with Telkom if I dont get feedback.




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Re: 5694400125

@RJNETWORKERS12, hey buddy, the Community is us customers helping each other. Telkom is not here manning it with Service agents. Give us some more details as to what is happening, or use the service channels to follow up on those refs....


  • Contact us on our Social Media Channels
  • Chat to an Agent (an online chat with a Telkom representitive)
  • Reporta fault via SMS:    SMS "SERVICE" and your landline number to 30591. (SMS at no charge.)
  • Call the Call Center
    • Mobile: 081180 (free from a Telkom Mobile phone)
    • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10210 (free from a Telkom landline)
    • Business: Sales - 10213 & Service - 10217 (free from a Telkom landline)
  • Email us
  • Find a Store


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Re: 5694400125

 Dear suspect ...
Note I'm not a happy customer and very irrate at the moment with the service standards of Telkom and I'm using all sorts of avenues to create awareness of customers experiencing similar problems so either join me or keep calm while I make changes on my own. Their channels of complaints, enquiries or follow ups don't work, I know my rights as a customer and I deserve to pay for services that actually work.
Unless you want to share my sentiments share , don't give me false hope to contact xyz for assistance to resolve issues that dont even make it to complaints because the staff at the service centers delete feedback from customers.!!!!
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