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Account queries for Email only clients?

Ho do I query an email only account? If one dials 10210 one is asked to enter the number that is related to the call. As it is an email only account there is no number. But if you dont enter a valid number the call is disconnected. I have tried online chat with various consultants but they cannot locate my account without a phone number either. They have suggested various other numbers to dial but these all revert to 10210 that asks for the number. The email that i receive with my statement states that I can reply to it to query but replies to that adress never return a "delivered" or "read" report. Some however report that it could not be delivered as the server could not locate the adessee ? SMSing to 10210 was suggested. What must you sms? Uhm... your number of course. So how do I contact Telkom to resolve a matter of an account that according to them has over a R1000 outstanding for a service tha costs around R14 a month.?
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Re: Account queries for Email only clients?

Hi @bitelec1

We’re customers in the forum and Telkom won’t see your post here - if still no joy from 10210 you should message a Telkom media support team below for decent response & feedback . 

Include your Telkom account number, email user name, all previous refs with details of your dispute , and cc the same on email to support@telkom.co.za 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Good luck, hope this helps. 

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