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Activate existing line



I have recently moved into a new complex. The flat already has a telkom line installed (the grey box) but it is not active.

I have also seen huawei installing fiber in the estate.


I would like to get the landline and an Adsl line which i understand i have to request a new line which i understand.


my question is, if i already have the line, does the telkom technician need to enter my flat to do any work? i cannot be at home all the time and i am worried that the technician will not give me a days notice so i can take leave.


can the technician not just connect me to the exchange and i then test the line to make sure it works?


any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Activate existing line

@jpalm I am sure that that line would be disconnected in which case they normally use testing equip to see if there is a dial tone and all.

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