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Cancelled Line

Cancelled my line, on-line 15 JAN got a message saying resolved and cancelled.

Case Number, 26587592, 26589592, 26589972, 26589116,

Still gettting bills. 

Cancellation Notice from telkom recieved Friday 18 Jan 12:27 

Paid up until end Feb

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Re: Cancelled Line

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duplicated reply

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Re: Cancelled Line

Good Luck, I have had the same issues, Canceled my account and got confirmation of such, Kept getting bills.

Telkom Lawyers called me to demand payment, I sent them proof of cancelation and was told all is good. A year later I apply for vehicle finance and get turned down due to being blacklisted by Telkom. 

So you have two options


1. Pay Telkom forever


2. Get blacklisted


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