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Change my physical address

hi all,


I need to change my physical address on my account but cannot find where to do this online.  I have gone to 'Manage Accounts' but the only option that comes up for me to change seems to be my phone number!


Anyone know how I can do this please?


Thanks so much


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Re: Change my physical address


Hi Sandra @Sandals

We’re customers in the forum,  sorry can’t help much as only Telkom can attend . 


Yes,  I gather the address function is missing from their portal but the website says an agent will change it for you -   try the chat function here  :-  https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/help/home/faq/where-can-i-update-my-telkom-details/


Hope this helps.

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Re: Change my physical address

HI Kathy1, 


Thanks so much for your repsonse.  I haven't been able to connect to the chat option so I am going to go into a store to make the changes.



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Re: Change my physical address

Hi @Sandals


You're welcome...  thanks for update,  please do keep us posted re what happens .

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