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Data not loading

I took a phone contract on 29 October 2018, yet i am still waiting to receive the data i was promised.


I took out Huawei P20 pro with fee-me 2 gig bundle, and i was told should i select it i will also get 10gig data in addition to the data on the free me package. This deal is also on the website so we have establisghed that the information i got is correct.


The issue is haven't gotten this data.

I was told that it would take 9 working days to resolve, which is unacceptble to me because I know it can be done immediatly.


I called the call centre and i was refered to a manager which promised to call me back on Sat, 10 Nov 2018 at around 6PM and i have received no such call. 


I find unproffessional and just frustrating cause this shows lack of care for customer concerns. i need this resolved ASAP and i am not willing to wait until nearly th end of the month to get data that shoulve appeared on the first day

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Re: Data not loading

The marketing is all there but there is no interest, support or ability or follow through to get something done. Telkom just hides behind different divisions and is unapproachable. If you go to sales they send you to billing. When you are at billing they send you to sales. When you protest you end up at technical. They can explain the problem but cannot correct it without a directive from sales or billing.

Our Fibre was installed and running on the 18/07/2018 What a great group of guys that got it that far. They went beyond their call of duty.

My outstanding problem is the 2gig of data I am supposed to get each month. I have still not received 1 mb of data from Telkom as part of the deal that I signed up for. That’s coming up to 4 months now.

The deal I signed up for was for 10mb down / 5mb up uncapped. It included free on-net phone calls and 2 Gig of cell data. Installation was free.  Because I signed up for month to month the entertainment box was not included.

I had been instructed that I should go to a Telkom direct shop to collect the data sim. I went to the shop the same week as the installation and was given a sim. When the sim did not work I went back a week later. It turned out the sim was activated for 2 gig of Wi-Fi data per month. So after going back to the shop two or three times they gave me a second sim. I went away but to this day the second sim has not been activated. So I don’t know how many times I’ve been back and how much time I’ve wasted.

If I did not want the data and phone I could have signed up with another ISP for less but I estimated that the data is worth R200 pm. So here I am paying more and no data 4 month later and Telkom wont listen.

What does one do ??

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Re: Data not loading

Hi @davidruimsig


Sorry but can’t help much re Telkom service ( we’re customers in the forum). 


Our Home Unlimited Telkom fibre installed last year also included the 2g data but I think ours was only to cover any failover on the fixed line home connection . We’ve had zero fibre issues and no Telkom mobile coverage in our area , ( another thing not generally mentioned by their marketing - customers are responsible to ensure they have Telkom network coverage). Anyway,  we never bothered collecting the sim in the circumstances


Telkom agents won’t see your post here, but try messaging a detailed complaint to a Telkom media channel for decent response & feedback. Include your contract details and any other refs they've given you .


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email to support@telkom.co.za



Hope this helps a bit. Good luck - please let us know what happens.

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