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Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

Hi, Can someone please help me.


I took out the 50Gb smartbroadband wireless Lte deal with a Lte router (double data to 100Gb anytime & 100Gb night data) on 7th April.


When I log into my account to view my usage, it has 5 different usage items displayed:

  1. Inclusive SmartBroadband Data (showing that i have 5Gb of  40Gb left)
  2. Recurring LTE/LTE-A Night Surfer Data (showing that i have total 40Gb, 0Gb used)
  3. Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer Data (showing that i have 37Gb of 40Gb left)
  4. Recurring LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data (showing that i have total 40Gb , 0Gb used)
  5. Wi-Fi Data Unlimited Speed (showing that i have total 10Gb, 0Gb used)

What is the difference between the 5 & how do i switch between using them?

Why is it only showing 40Gb if I have a 100Gb contract?

How do I use the recurring LTE anytime & night data?

Do I need to change settings on my router? (Its network connection is set to auto:3G & 4G)  

What is the Wifi data for 10Gb used for?


Many Thanks

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Re: Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

Hi @Charis


Sorry but can’t help with your enquiry re contract discrepancies -  there are no Telkom support agents in the forum ( we’re customers like you ).  


You can check if your contract was perhaps activated on the wrong tariff ;  chat to a Telkom agent online here  :  



or give mobile support a call :- 


Customer Care – Data

  • Dial 180 if you're on Telkom
  • Dial +2781180 if you're on another network.


Ask the agent if you need to change your router settings ,  and they’ll also explain how data usage is split across your package . 


Night surfer works like this:

Night surfer data is only available on Telkom’s LTE network - not when roaming to MTN.

Provided  you’re in range of a Telkom tower all data used between 00:00 - 07:00 is automatically calculated and used from Night Surfer data.

All data used before 00:00 midnight and after 07:00 is deducted from your normal data. 


The wifi 10G  will be on Telkom wifi hotspots - see how to set up and use here :- 




Hope this helps. 

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Re: Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

the anytime data will allow you to connect to MTN if the Telkom signal goes down


The LTE dta is only for use on Telkom network so this will not connect to MTN network.


I think that the LTE is the contract data and the anytime is the the free data which should actually be 50 gig each and not 40 gig, just dial 180 and they will be able to clarify and sort this out for you.


You know that you can add a phone to your modem with a normal jack at the back and you can then by airtime so you can phone out or you can just use it to receive calls. the number will be your cell number for your router.


if you are using Ipads or cell phones you can get up to 4 sim cards connected to your contract at R9 each additional per month so if you using a dongle for the laptop , or ipad you can use your data from this contract away from home.


this is where the anytime data comes in because not all areas support Telkom LTe but you can roam on the MTN network, so you are using the data from home, as if you were connected to your wifi at home.I also just by 1 gig of free me on my contract and that allows me to call any telkom landline or telkom cell phone and I get 100sms and 500 megs to use on whats app.


if you go to telkom to get a multisim make sure they don't just give you a data multisim but a ask for the other multisim that you can make calls from. so if you are outside working away from your wifi or in Ramsgate you can be utilising your data from the house.

Telkom people don't even know that this option is available. it is so cost effective.

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Re: Differnt data types on wireless LTE package

Expiry dates of various LTE bundles

I am trying to figure out some odd expiry dates. I am subscribed to SmartBroadand 50GB with a doubling up of data. Today is 5 Feb 2019, so I would expect that these bundles expire at the end of February 2019. However, I have the following reported data available today:

1 - Recurring LTE night surfer data: 51200MB, expires Feb 28

2 - Recurring LTE Anytime data: 51200MB, expires Mar 31

3 - Inclusive data: 45162MB, expires Mar 31

4 - Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer data: 45987MB, expires Feb 28

5 - Recurring LTE Anytime data: 9378MB, expires Feb 28

6 - Inclusive SmartBroadband data: 0MB, expires Feb 28

7 - Wi-Fi Data: 10204MB, expires Feb 28 


So I understand "Antime" to mean you can also roam via MTN if Telkom signal not available, and Wi-fi is for relavant hotspots only. The non - Anytime bundles are available via Telkom transmitters ony.

However, why do some bundles only expire end of March (does that mean there is accumulative carry over to March if all the data not used up in Feb?), and what is no. 5 all about, as it seems to be same sort of bundle as no. 2, so why the repeat line?


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