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Dynamic DNS issue

OK, so I have read the configuration of DDNS service from Telkom.  Still don't get it.
I logged into and enabled my DDNS address

Waited 24 hours and I still cannot ping this address....


I have 3 pc's connected to my router and now I want to use remote desktop connection for all of them for example.
Where on my router must I put the local IP addresses so that I can connect from anywhere on the internet?

How exactly will I be able to put a Dynamic DNS name if only one is alllocated ?
My router is a TP-Link ADSL 2+ and there is no port forwarding as many videos on youtube show.
In the router configuration also as I have been reading there is a place to configure Dynamic DNS but it shows me only 3 operators: No-IP, and TZO.

The second part is the NAT Virtual servers what are you supposed to put there ? I put the port 3389 for remote desktop, but how will I connect to a specific PC at home?

I looked at the Telkom manual and it's also vague called Telkom 10210 and they can't help me either.

Is there a manual that any of you have created with the steps to make use on the Telkom DDNS facility?

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