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Dynamic DNS settings

I have enabled my Telkom Internet Dynamic DNS address via the TI Service Management Tool and got my Dynamic DNS Address and Username.

My Telkom Router (Technicolor, MediaAccess TG789vac v2) however needs a service name but nobody on the Telkom helpline is able to tell me what the service name is.

They keep telling me I need a static IP address (nonsense).

I have been told to leave the service name blank (not accepted by the router)


Currently I have it set-up with dyndns.org and it is working fine but the Telkom Service is a free service and on a local server.

Does anybody know what the settings are?

On the router:





Service Name:        ????????

Domain name:       onlinexxxxxx.mydns.telkomsa.net  (from TI Service Management Tool)

Username:              onlinexxxxxx@dsl512telkomsa.net  (from TI Service Management Tool)

Password:               xxxxxxxxx


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