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Dynmic DNS (DDNS) Activation - how long does it take?



I see that there are other post around this, but none has an update/reply. 


I activated my DDNS and, having logged out and back in again, it confirms:

"your Dynamic DNS is Enabled"


Nevertheless, I am unable to ping my xxx.mydns.telkomsa.net DNS name. I get the following error:
cannot resolve xxx.mydns.telkomsa.net: Unknown host"


As far as I can tell I don't have to activate anything on the router.  Can anyone assist with how to get this working?



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Re: Dynmic DNS (DDNS) Activation - how long does it take?

Hey @G_TKom,


Found this post somewhere , hope might be useful…


“You cannot test your dynamic DNS name from inside your own network without running your own DNS server inside.

If you try and access myname.mydnsprovider.com:12345 from inside your own network you will just connect to your router on that port instead of whatever device you are trying to reach.
I recommend using a 3G/LTE device and then ping your dynamic DNS name and see if it resolves to your IP on your (ADSL/FTTH) account.”

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Re: Dynmic DNS (DDNS) Activation - how long does it take?

Thanks for the suggestion @Kathy1.


The suggestion is partially correct in that I probably wouldn't be able "ping"  the address from inside my own network.


That said the nslookup command (Name Server Lookup - from the command prompt) should still work at simply asks the DNS for the IP address associated with the DNS name. If DDNS has correctly updated teh DNS then an nslookup should return the IP address. Now, a couple of days later this still doesn't work:


> nslookup www.telkomsa.net

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: www.telkomsa.net



> nslookup xxx.mydns.telkomsa.net


** server can't find xxx.mydns.telkomsa.net: NXDOMAIN



Thus, it seems that the service doesn't work and I'll need to look for an alternative on.



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Re: Dynmic DNS (DDNS) Activation - how long does it take?

In the end I decided that Telkom's DDNS doesn't work. 


My Telkom supplied modem/router is a D-Link. D-Link offer a free DDNS (actually hosted on DynDNS Smiley Happy). Set up was straight forward and within 5 minutes my DDNS is working!


1) Have your D-Link router serial number (on the box and on the router whichever is more accessible)

2) Have your D-Link router MAC address handy ((on the box, on the router or in the router console)

2) Go to https://www.dlinkddns.com and create a free account (max 1 xxx.dlinkddns.com hostname)

3) Log into the router console.

4) Under Advanced DDNS create a new entry 


Thats it - all done

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Re: Dynmic DNS (DDNS) Activation - how long does it take?

Hi @G_TKom


Great to see you found the answer and thanks,  I learned a lot from your post . My work windows laptop was always set up by our IT guy for remote server connections, team viewer etc. on my home office network. Now I actually get why it can tricky, and that the D-Link DDNS automatically tracks changes to your home network's public IP address.


I’ve only had a couple of instances where Safari couldn’t open websites on my private laptop . I saw other posts re occasional Telkom DNS issues, but stayed with Telkom DDNS in case I rocked the boat and upset something else on my newish fibre connection. 

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