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Email Problems on i-Phone 6

My wife have a Telkom supplied Iphone 6. I have setup Outlook email exactly as it was on Vodacom supplied Hisense phone. On Iphine she can receive email but not send email as the error code is email address is invalid, yet she received from it. Any suggestions please?

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Re: Email Problems on i-Phone 6

Hi @Thinusb14


Perhaps outgoing mail server settings should be changed on the phone,  have a look here   : -



“When on Telkom network (ADSL & Mobile) then use smtp.saix.net, but when connecting to Vodacom and trying to send Telkom mail you need to use Vodacom's smtp server “ 


Hope this helps.

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Re: Email Problems on i-Phone 6

Nope did not work


I deleted old server info and replaced with saix.net then I send a mail to me on thinusb14@icloud.com and thinus@oscs4u.co.za and in both I get error message Cannot send email a copy was placed in your outbox “email address” was rejected by server


In both it verified correctly. In both I switched off ssl.

Telkom mobile is Wifi carrier as well as Telkom sim Card in IPhone 




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