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Email Problems

We have a business line. The last time we received an "E-mail" was the 11/01/2016. 


We are able to send out e-mails but we are unable to receive any e-mails. 


We have contacted Telkom on 10210 from the day we picked the problem up. I have been on the phone with them numerous times and I recevied reference numbers. When following up i get told i will be called 5 hours later and then I call Telkom once again explaining that I am still awaiting for the phone call from 3 days ago then the consultant has the cheek to say to me i don't know when they going to be calling you. I ask to speak to someone higher than the consultant and i get back to the main menu of 10210. You telling me Telkom has no superiors. 


Support then changes the password and we try the whole process again and nothing. The password is not the probelm. Then telkom explains it is there serve however can a server be down for a month? 


They have said a technician will come out and no technician has been to our premises to resolve the situation at hand. 


Each time we contact telkom they do the same thing over and over and nothing is working as of yet. 


I stress that the issue be resolved urgently as this is a business line. 



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Re: Email Problems

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@Precision Would need more detail of how you are connected and what you have available to suggest some ideas.


Is there a way in which you can log onto your mail using a webmail tool?  Ie instead of simply opening your PC mail client which connects to a Telkom mail server, you have a browser open and enter username and password to see your mail?  If you can do this we can eliminate some troubleshooting before going further ...

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Re: Email Problems

1.I used to be able to log into
Today this service is down


2. My email address stopped working a while ago. Could not receive any emails addressed to me.  Repeated calls to telkom with promises of "escalation"  but no action. 

This is why people are using Gmail and other options NOT telkom.

I am so desparate for a solution that I have joined this community looking for answers

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Re: Email Problems

@Lourens, the webmail is definitely working. WHat other testing have you done? Have you sent an email from another address to this address? Have you sent another one of your email addresses an email from this address? Does the email arrive, is it from the email address you think it should be from? Have you tested this using Microsoft Outlook and the POP3/SMTP settings?


Maybe reset your password here -

Deactivate and reactivate your address here -

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