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Faults not solved

We have a 4mb line but only get download speeds of 1.5mbs. A technician came out and told us our line is fine but the exchange is faulty and he doesn't have the equipment to fix it. Then he said that he will get people to fix it. A few days passed and I called Telkom just to find out the fault was closed and that the problem was not fixed.
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Re: Faults not solved

4mb Line Speed transfer rates

Connection speeds over network bandwidth.



Think of it this way 4mb indicates total bandwidth available for you to move data in and out of your network via your internet connection available to you.


1.5mb is good speed depending on the number of devices connected, time of the day and running background software updates on your computers, phones etc.. if you using 4mb and have over 2 devices connected the 4mb is shared bandwidth on your network. the more devices you connect the more bandwidth you using the lesser the transfer rate.


Case 1: Streaming and Downloading at the same time


A customer can connect to maybe a streaming service such as Netflix and watch a movie at HD 1080 which uses more bandwidth while technical stuff could be happening in the background such as windows, mac or android updates. this can slow down internet. even speed test can show 1.5mb but consider the upload rate aswell.


Case 2: Low shedding/lightning issues affect hardware


Hardware can get corrupted internally by other factors. Try different router if issue persists disconnect all other devices, then connect 1 then test try to pin point the device causing the issue if the hardware works well.





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