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Get Telkom to stop billing

Does anyone know what i can do other than open a case of harassment against Telkom? About a year ago they handed my fixed line account over to a debt collector. After providing the debt collector proof of cancellation notice, they closed their file and returned the matter to Telkom. Yet Telkom still keeps sending a bill, and i checked my credit score where Telkom is making adverse listings.


The only way to contact Telkom is via the calldesk number. Each time the operator tells me that the matter will be escalated to a supervisor and then the story ends there.



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Re: Get Telkom to stop billing

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Bad debt

They have written your debt off, blacklisted you, affected your score its really a recovery and rehabilitation issue.




You need services of an arrear councilor or debt specialist to look into your matter against unfair blacklisting they might help you clear your name.





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Re: Get Telkom to stop billing

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