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Have Telkom Coverage, but can't connect

When i go into my phones settings > More networks/connections > Network Operators, to search for signal manually, I'm able to pick up TelkomSA, TelkomStaySafe, TelkomStaySafe-R, Mtn, Vodacom, Cellc and that weird network of telkom's; 65563 (can't remember the exact name). So i can pick up Telkom, however it won't allow me to connect to the that specifc signal/tower (TelkomSA), I get an error message saying "Unable to Connect, Try Later". That's it. I only have Telkom Only Data(Not Roaming, which is disabled on my phone) and I'm using the LTE Day and Night time data bundle  - 10/10gb. Since my daytime Data is finished, I'm only able to connect after 12am, which means I can't exactly ask Telkom for help to see if their services would be any benefit at all. As well as having poor connection quality for the past week, where my phone is connected to TelkomSA, but there is no internet trafffic/activity happening at all. I'm just outside East London near Kidd's Beach and i do in fact have Telkom Coverage for LTE, 4G and 3G, despite the map coverage saying that there is no coverage.


Anyone got the same problem or have an idea what's happening with Telkoms towers or a solution?

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Re: Have Telkom Coverage, but can't connect

I have the same problem always my internet access paused I just connect for 10min am at Embalenhle Secunda Mpumalanga
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Re: Have Telkom Coverage, but can't connect


Did you get any help. I am facing the same problem in Rustenburg.
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