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Help with Telkom Mobile

I was wondering if anyone else had the issue of not recieving your mobile phone when ordered/applied for online? About 3 months ago I applied online and received a follow up phone call to complete the application for a mobile phone to which I was approved and delivery would take place within 5 working days. Soon after my account was dibited with R499. After 10 working days I gave Telkom a call to follow up on delivery, on which i was informed that I have now been unsuccessfull in my application and I would need to speak to the sales department for them to reimburse me. But, sadly, 3 months later I have not had one single phonecall from Telkom to assist me. I have contacted via facebook, hello peter, I have been into the store and I have called several times but no one seems to be able to help me, and on all platforms, I am told that a telkom adviser would be in contact with me. Its 3 almost 4 months. I have an adsl line with uncapped internet which i am so close to cancelling as I am sickened by the service I have received....infact, I cant complain about service because there is non? Anyway, I would like some advice on what to do. Where to now? 

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Re: Help with Telkom Mobile

I think they are not serious about the people they contact to offer contracts that do not materialize.

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