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How can we complain about Telkom Service??

As per the SUBJECT MATTER, I ask again, How can we complain about the bad poor service. The rude call Centre employees, The bad connection issues, the "My Telkom" app etc...Reall people, How can we complain.


I have come to realise its not possible to complain. HOW CAN ONE COMPLAIN IF THERE IS NO SERVICE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT?

Maybe telkom has been "Guptarised" like all other State Entaties which confirms, there is nothing to complain about

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Re: How can we complain about Telkom Service??

And to add, all this has been posted whilst I paitently await a "friendly all center" person or chat.....think its 45 minutes as we stand

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Re: How can we complain about Telkom Service??

You do not complain. You just wait. Telkom does not care. They own the Manopoly and there is nothing you can do about it, but just suck it up. I've been waiting for two months for them just to get my order right, for a line transfer. Ive moved around the corner and have been waiting for sevice, with no hope in sight.

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Re: How can we complain about Telkom Service??

Hi @bants1958 @Terrencewilton1


Sorry to see this happening to you. We community members do know the frustration but we’re Telkom customers like you (no other link to Telkom).

We help when we can but this forum is not manned by Telkom agents - only their support channels can assist with service related issues : -    https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Announcements/Telkom-Service-Channels-How-to-get-Help/m-p/1768#M13


If no joy from the call centres you could visit nearest Telkom store to speak with an agent . 

Otherwise I’ve found that emailing details of the issue to both support@telkom.co.za  and Telkom social media channels is the most effective for quick response and feedback :- 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:     @telkomza  



Hope this helps,  good luck.

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Re: How can we complain about Telkom Service??

I have unpleasant experience having a service from one of Telkom agents Zokhanyo Miranda Kalashe /Kalashz@telkom.co.za/ Knowing I will move from exzisting property 15 January I did contact call canter and Miranda Friday 14 December,months before to organize transfer of my phone/ADSL/ LINE TO NEW RESIDENTIAL PREMISES SINCE THEN I DID COMMUNICATE WITH MIRANDA TILL HE DIDN'T STOP RESPONDING TO MY EMAIL AND REQUEST FOR UPDATE SO,FAR,01.FEBRUARY I DON'T KNOW DID MY OLD LINE IS CANCELLED AND FOR SURE I DIDN'T HAVE ANYONE COMING TO MY NEW PREMISES TO INSTALL/TRANSFER A LINE
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