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Re: How do you cancel a Telkom Service?

I have been trying since 29-03 to cancel my fibre line with Telkom. 10210 cant help. Escalating to Team leader doesnt help. Chatting to an online agent doesnt help. It's an absolute disgrace. Do I have to complain to the regulator?


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Re: How do you cancel a Telkom Service?

Hi , ive been having a hugh problem with Telkom throughout my contract , they keep double charging me even though they are receiving payments. 


They have suspended my deal a year ago and im still paying for it. 


My contract has now supposed to have ended but they are delaying the process and giving me the run around. 


Can anyone please kindly assist with any feedback you have received that helped you sort out this mess .


Also has anyone ever tried taking Telkom up legally ? 


im at the point now where im actually thinking of doing so. 

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