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How do you change back from out of data rates?

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I have loaded data this morning, R355 for the LTE/LIT package thing, and I came online to check on "My Telkom" the "View current sim usage without logging in" thing, the data is there. That data I loaded at around 14h30 or 15h00 this afternoon, it is now 00h09 in the morning. I have been trying for over 2 hours to connect to the internet but telkom message came up to tell me I have run out of data. I chose one of their given options to use out of data rates, now, I dont know how to get out of using the out of data rates and back onto the data because my airtime is now depleted as well.

I use the internet for my work, I was on all afternoon after I finished loading the data, but around 21h30 it stopped working. why won't it pick up that i HAVE data (over 25GB anytime data and over 35GB night surfer data) and allow me to access the internet???? Help. Please.

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