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How to migrate a Telkom ADSL line over to another internet provider?

A while back i cancelled my Telkom line due to poor service and my brother took over the line.

Now he is also experiencing poor service and we wish to migrate the line over to a different network provider to ensure better quality, honesty, and reliability.

We are experiencing endless problems doing so - customer care takes hours to answer their phones and nobody can help, telkom shops have long queues and are very unhelpful and manager is never on duty, emails and messages never get responded to, online does not work.

Can somebody please help urgently as we cannot be cut off from internet for these lengthy periods of time every month anymore. Mom is very ill (widowed SASSA state pensioner) and i myself and medically bordered so we both need regular contact with our doctors, etc. My brother is extremely busy at his work and does not have time to stand in hour long queues or on phones to get this problem resolved. He also needs the internet for his work. Telkom apparently double debits his account then cuts him midway through the month etc and things like that.

Apparently all we need done is migrating our telephone number (0413711969) into a holding pool and cancelling Telkom data then the new provider will do the rest. How can we do this without further delay it is extremely urgent. 





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