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IT Entertainment addon is a scam

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I can't understand how this service is still existing as an addon when it just doesn't work. And to make matter worse when you call, email and discuss it with customer service, Be it sales or technical. I've been through it all trust me. You get told that nothing is wrong on their side regarding your data usage, thus resulting in no refund of data or money purchasing this Addon. Data comes off my main account and only a small amount comes off TI entertainment addon. I've tried testing this service using Netflix on 4 different devices including my PC.


Can only assume that people that are on here are here due to complaints, but if you reading this and you unsure of this TI Entertainment Addon. Don't bother at all.


If there is somehow someone that is here that can actually do something about this, which I highly doubt, You can try help but I have no faith at all with Telkom. 





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Re: IT Entertainment addon is a scam

Hello Coldcat,


I have the same problem and have been emailing and phoning and no joy for three months. On the line gain to Telkom as we speak. I have a reference number now and am hounding them for a reply. 


Watched a Netflix movie last night and it munched 1,32 gb of my fixed data. No TI top up R99 data was used.


Extreemly frustratio when they tell you all is ok.




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Re: IT Entertainment addon is a scam

yeah yesterday I had little luck with 6gb coming off the TI addon but then 3gb came off my normal data too. 


I've changed to uncapped account last week, and dealing with another nightmare to have it become live as it's only showing that I'm still on a softcap still.. 


Joys of Telkom. I just want it to be over and move on now. 

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Re: IT Entertainment addon is a scam

Hi @Coldcat and @Derek You can send an email to support@telkomsa.net if you are having issues with the TI Entertainment bolt. Give a description of the problem and specify your Telkom Internet username. They will look into usage for the entertainment package.

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Re: IT Entertainment addon is a scam

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hi @TWL I did this numerous times and spent hours on the phone with them. They denied it all and made me out like I'm making up a story cause they can't see anything wrong on their side, Just reiterated what I can see on the Usage Tracking Tool, which was incorrect. 


I see the same has happened now to my night surfer on mobile usage. Other morning was up early and due to having 1gb of unused night surfer data I let my daughter watch her Netflix cartoons. Instead of the data coming off the night surfer data (Which runs from 0:00 to 07:00 correct?) it came off my main data. Am I going to try contact support for this now? No, because I really can't afford to spend more time and energy on with this company anymore.


I'm now on uncapped and I see from other complains online, there's an unfair and nontransparent  "fair" use policy that's cuts you off if you a "power" user. Well I've hardly used the internet (in my terms) and already the bar has moved a lot up on the usage tracker. This is supposed to be UNCAPPED LOL!!  With my softcap package I was able to get about 200-400gb total (nightsurfer usage+social media+40gb) if I'm capped and cut off before I've used that amount I'm definately moving to a better ISP that can be more honest and let me know where I stand.


Telkoms systems need to be looked into, incredibly flawed. 

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