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Incorrect billing, now can't get it resolved

Case number 24483821

Cases logged 6 times before (reference 23196510), still not resolved. Charged for a cancellation which was done a month prior to line being cancelled, yet still charged (and I have proof of this).

I've been struggeling sinse May to have this resolved.

Please help!!!!!

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Re: Incorrect billing, now can't get it resolved


i HAVE exactly the same problem. in May I requested a 2nd Jack. it was never installed, but the technician signed off and said it was.

I was debited. we are now in Mid August and I am having no success. no refund, no luck.

we then put a line in by my sister. the contract was unlimted calls to any number. now I am been billed for numbers. I am at my tether

with telkom and ready to take this further ie legal

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Re: Incorrect billing, now can't get it resolved

Hi @leeannem @zietsmar


Sorry to hear this is happening to you  - extremely frustrating & stressful not getting proper feedback or resolution.


Unfortunately we can’t help much as we’re customers in the forum - only Telkom can attend service issues.  

Here are the various options to report & follow up with Telkom :-



If you haven’t already done so, log an accounts dispute and get a formal Telkom reference in writing. ( you would need this to take the matter further with CPA or ICASA ... hopefully it won’t come to that ). 


Message a complaint with details of your issues on to a Telkom media team (below) and / or email the same to support@Telkom.co.za  for efficient response & results.  Include your contract details,  previous Telkom refs & dates,  and any relevant documentation copies.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza 


Hope this helps, good luck - please keep us posted re your outcome.

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Re: Incorrect billing, now can't get it resolved

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your reply.
I will try all avenues!

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