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Intekom Email Configuration

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Hi There


I've got a client that is still using an intekom email address. 


He is only able to receive emails over a normal wifi connection, but can't send any without using his vodacom internet dongle. 


At the moment his settings are as follows. 


incoming: pop3.intekom.com

outgoing: mail.vodamail.co.za


No encription is used it's just a straight forward setup. 


Of course I'v tried changing the outgoing settings to the appropriate settings I found at http://home.intekom.com/intekom/corporate/configuration.html, but this does not work. 


I've also tried smtp.intekom.com and smtp.intekom.co.za which also did not work. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? 

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Re: Intekom Email Configuration

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What ports did you try for mail.interkom.com?

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