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Internet contract issue

I enjoyed an ADSL service, 4 Mbs uncapped, for many years. Not a single complaint. Then one day my world changed.


I received a call out of the blue from Telkom. They are phasing out all copper lines and my ADSL line will be replaced by an LTE service. No please's or thank you's, simply a statement of intent.


Three months on and I have had a frustrating ride in which download speeds of 1Mbs are now considered a rare luxury. No 10210 calls or visits to Telkom outlets have proven at all useful. In fact the indifference of the Telkom staff is quite astonishing.


So, what do i do next. I can't just sit and complain - I need to take action and change my service provider. Lo and behold however, I am informed that a new 24 month contract kicked in with the delivery of my new LTE router. Note: I did not want a new service, I was happy with ADSL. Telkom replaced it on their own initiative as a part of the "get rid of Copper' campaign. Why then, I ask, do I get slapped with a 24 month contract?


Am I the only unhappy customer or is this a common practice?



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Re: Internet contract issue

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Re: Internet contract issue

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